Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering Department



Professor of the Department of Physical Fundamentals of Electronic Equipment


  • physical processes in  systems of particles with electromagnetic interaction;
  • influence of high-power microwave electromagnetic radiation to the electronic equipments;
  • microwave theory and techniques;
  • dynamical chaos in microwave electronic and optoelectronic devices;
  • computer modeling of electron-wave and electromagneticproblems in microwave electron devices including noise phenomena.

International activity

  1. Participating in international scientific projects of the STCU, 2009 – 2011.
  2. Reading lectures at universities and companies abroad:
  • The Iranian company “Mongtader Engineering Co.”, 2009;
  • Sharif University, Tehran, 2010 – 2012.
  • Seoul University, South Korea, 2010.
  • Institute of Photonics, Wuhu, Chine, 2017.

Social activities

  1. Editor-in-chief of the scientific and technical journal “Applied Radio Electronics”.
  2. An expert of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the Section “Electronics, radio engineering and telecommunications”, Vice- chair of the Section.
  3. Member of editorial board of magazines: “Applied radio electronics”, “Microwave engineering and devices” and “Electronics and communication”

Awards and prizes

  1. IEEE Appreciation Certificate to Gennadiy Churyumov, Vice-Chair of SPS Ukraine, Kharkov Chapter, obtained from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers  (IEEE) (USA), 2014.
  2. The commendation from Prime-Ministry of Ukraine, obtained from Prime-Ministry of Ukraine, 2011
  3. The award from Minister of Education & Science of Ukraine, obtained from Ministry of Education & Science of Ukraine, 2009.
  4. IEEE Appreciation Certificate to Gennadiy Churyumov, Chair of the SP/AP/C/EMC Kharkov Chapter Ukraine Section, obtained from the IEEE , 2008

Publications and patents

More 320 scientific publicationsfrom which more100 articles in different refereed journals.

More 50 patents.