Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering Department


Olha Afanasieva

Olha  Afanasieva
Assistant professor, Candidate of technical sciences (PhD)

Graduated from Kharkov Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Metal Science and Heat Treatment of Metals.

She is a Candidate of Technical Sciences and Associate Professor.

Her dissertation is devoted to the problems of substructural hardening of materials. After defending her dissertation, she worked at the Kharkov Military University, and then at the Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics.

Now O.V. Afanasieva is an associate professor of the Department of Physical Foundations of Electronic Technology of KhNURE. She teaches such disciplines as Functional Materials of Optoelectronics, Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, Optical Properties of Materials, Laser Technologies for Processing Materials, Optical Measurements. The scientific interests of O.V. Afanasyev is a laser processing materials.