Physical Foundations of Electronic Engineering Department



The Department of “Physical Fundamentals of Electronic Engineering” is proud of its graduates and maintains close ties with them. Here are some of them and what they say about training and further work:





Graduate of 2019

In the spring of 2019, he completed an exchange program internship at the University of Limoges, France. I plan to apply for a master’s degree in France. After completing my master’s degree, I plan to enter graduate school in Europe.

About training: Satisfied with the quality and content of training. The material was presented at a high level, with an interesting and professional presentation.


Konstantin VASKO


Study years 2013-2019 (OT-13-1, FOIm-17-1). In 2017-2019, he studied for a master’s degree simultaneously at NURE and Limoges University, received two diplomas. In August 2019, he continued his studies as a postgraduate student at the XLM research institute at the University of Limoges (France).

Studying in Optotechnics allowed me to master various disciplines at a level sufficient to carry out research activities and modeling of complex optical fiber in one of the world’s leading laboratories in the field of its research and production.



2012 graduate of the PFEE department.

I currently work as a Data Scientist / Data Analyst at the international logistics company FedEx in the Netherlands.

Studying in the specialty “Laser and optoelectronic engineering” gave me a strong physical and mathematical base, which is valued all over the world and helps to get a job both in Ukraine and abroad.

The teachers of the department instilled in me an interest in acquiring new knowledge and taught me to approach the solution of even the most difficult tasks professionally and thoroughly.





Graduated in 2012 from the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Department of PFEE, majoring in Laser and Optoelectronic Engineering with a red specialist diploma.

I work as a junior researcher of the National Center of KhPT. I am engaged in the design and construction of a terawatt laser installation, for conducting experiments and creating dielectric laser accelerators based on it.
I believe that I was very lucky to get into our group during my studies, it turned out to be very friendly and cohesive. We still communicate well with many of our classmates.